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Grey Flash Diary Nov 2011

Grey Flash parts

As we discussed the finer points of how to 'knock up' a Scott crank shaft ,(You honestly don't want to know) my instructor said, “I am surprised you have not noticed the Vincent bits under the bench”. There reposing almost out of sight was a close ratio Albion box and all the Flash accoutrement's, Engine plates, bent links, and the much discussed special frame tie.
Needless to say Scott matters were forgotten, and haggling commenced, and within a week the box and bits were sitting in my 'to do' area (I sometimes think that area is not unlike the final scene in Raiders of the lost ark).
Anyway you cannot ride a gear box alone, but like the grain of sand that becomes a pearl, it galvanized me into action. Soon I was following up on a batch on Comet parts that I have been 'tracking' for some time. I had been introduced to them 10 years ago when the owner seduced by the Grey paint and numerous holes wanted to know if it was a Flash (of course it wasn't) but what was done was in keeping with the Flash ethos and he was happy to continue to build it.
That was 10 years ago and in the meantime busy man that he was he had not got any further, and after I checked all the parts on a spread sheet and worked out the costs of the missing bits a sum was agreed upon and my 'to do' area was even larger.
Apart from the availability of parts,its in 'available information' where a Vincent really scores over building anything else. If I want to know how a TT replica Scott had its footrests bolted, or what was in the tool;box of a 1960 250 Norman B3 sports, I am into a lot of research. With a Vincent its much easier, if its not in the myriad Vincent books its in MPH, (And I have a pile of those higher than an modern off road trail bike).Of course there are more Vincent 'Experts' than dodgy Miller regulators, but hopefully you learn to discriminate as you get older.
So in Summary,The frame has lots of Holes,The Grey paint is rather good,and the Albion box needs a home ,So carried on the wings of chance I shall build a Grey Flash Replica.
I have a feeling that December will be a fallow month for the Flash as other jobs are pressing but as soon as I build up a paragraph or two, gather my thoughts and a more few bits, I will continue.

  • Posted on Dec 1st 2011
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