The Team You simply can't perform on track without a good support network around you.
Tim Richard and Ben performing the starting ritual.
This is our team, by no means comparable to a professional racing team with multiple personnel: crew chief, tyre technician, mechanics etc., but it is a team never the less. We are a father and son team with a close group of very understanding and helpful family and friends, without whom we would probably not be racing motorcycles. Everybody lends a hand on race day and this helps keep what can be a stressful situation under control.
Ready to go, the calm before the storm.
Committing to take part in a seasons racing is something that can effect the whole family. Some race weekends can span into 3 or 4 days away and the dates for race meetings have to be kept clear in everyone's diary. Race meetings tend to be just for the boys as we normally sleep in the van or under the stars but if we arrange suitable accommodation, its nice to have the ladies there, we tend to eat better and have more cups of tea on these occasions.
From the left: Angela, Tims wife, Shelley, Bens partner and Di, Bens mum.
Ben with Ruben checking the controls, Shelley and Tim.
Ben spannering for Tim as he prepares for his first ride on the Egli at the 1000 bikes.
Richard starting the trusty foxley starter
Richard working on the HRD
3 generations of bike nuts.
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