The BMW K100 "The Flying Brick" B.E.A.R.S Championship racer
BMW K100rs Racer
  • Make/Model BMW K100
  • Year 1985
  • Capacity 987cc

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Not the most likely of racers, the idea to build a K100 BMW race bike came about as a result of the resurrection of the B.E.A.R.S race series now being run by British Historic Racing, the racing arm of the VMCC and the club we have raced the Vincent's with for many years.
The formula one series, which started in 2012, caters for British, European and American production based motorcycles available prior to Dec 1985. 251-500 2-strokes and 501-unlimited 4-strokes. The cut off date means the 16v version is not permitted.
We chose the BMW as the donor bike is cheap and readily available as are parts and the 90bhp standard engine is a good starting point. We did, however, have to take some serious weight saving measures to help with the handling.

The bike was completed in 3 months from acquiring the donor bike to the first test ride. The original engine was checked over and refreshed but left standard, it had done 40k miles and still looked pretty good. Our thinking was to see how the bike performed as a whole before spending any time/money on the motor.

The bike retains none of the standard BMW wiring or electronics, we didn't want to chance using 30 year old components and also we wanted the ability to tune the fuel injection/ignition system which the standard setup doesn't allow. A fully programmable fuel injection/ignition control unit was used with a trigger mounted on the crank for the pick up sensor.

The first race win came after only the third race meeting and we finished the 2012 season 3rd in the championship.
For the 2013 season we built a 2nd tuned motor and the bike won the Classic Racer magazine BEARS F1 Championship, with 13 race wins out of the last 15.

When we built the bike initially we found there was very little in the way of 'off the shelf' performance upgrades for a K100 available, however, through our business: BSK SpeedWorks, we can now provide these performance parts for the K series BMW, or even build you a replica of this bike.
Take a look at the website: BSK SpeedWorks

First race win in the BEARS championship at Snetterton June 2012

BEARS championship winner 2013 Ben Kingham BMW K100

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