Friends Those that have helped us along the way.

For Classic and Vintage racing you will be lucky to see a sponsor, on the other hand you meet some great people like John McMahon (2008 No1 plate holder), racing all season against Ben often nip and tuck to the line and yet who was it who passed us the dope jet when we needed it for the last race? - John of course.
However people do help, whilst things may not be given away and money passes hands I know often its not quite the amount it should be and its not always parts, some sound advice from somebody who knows, a trusted supplier or product can mean a day of racing instead of watching.
Here is a (not exhaustive) list of those who helped us in 2007 and since, above and beyond the call of duty.

  • Vincent Spares Company: Parts when you need them Vincent Spares Company
  • NRP Exhausts: Good, and on time NRP Exhausts
  • Challenge industrial Fasteners: they wont screw you.. Challenge industrial Fasteners
  • Mallard metals: A man who shows his true metal Mallard metals
  • Alan Woodward: An artist in Metal
  • Trevor Southwall: Clever Trevor need we say more
  • T & L Engineering: Excellent for tough engineering jobs
  • Keith Hartley: A Rare Borrani rim
  • Duncan Simpson: Footrest plates from the western isles
  • Marcus Bowden: Friendship, Advice and Engineering of high quality.
  • Simon Linford - SAS Precision Engineering: Prompt and accurate work, bottom ends to be proud of.
  • Roger Forsyth: Head thread reclamation, a busy guy who always fits your job in.
  • Roy Robertson: Marvelous Parts and Experience from the edge
  • The Assorted ranks of the elders and wise ones of the Vincent Owners Club: Support
  • The ‘over a pint’ Information Board of the Herts and Beds Section of the VOC: Advice
  • jtan (a not so secret society of Vincent nutters): Advice,drawings and words of caution.
  • My Wife Ange Patience forbearing and the occasional steadying hand.
  • Tim Welsh (VOC): Tank Swap
  • Mr Harvey : GB cover Swap
  • Brian Werrett: Pivot plate
  • Gary Robinson: cams, He who understands why racers need it done on time.
  • Chris Chant: A master in obscure thread repair and the Head brackets swap.
  • BT-H magnetos: Bright sparks!
  • Geoff Squirrel: Advice from a real Engineer
  • Big Sid: Advice from on high
  • Les Liney:  A foxley starter at a good price.
  • Ian Blumel: welder extrodinaire
  • Dave Wood: A top racer, and genuine top bloke, for the use of his dyno and setup advice.
  • Vinparts: Good old unkel Ron,ex race buddy and trials companion, his wife June and their able successor son Russell..
  • And all those helpers and Marshals of the VMCC BHR Club -Why dont you try it this year-you wont find a better way to get up close to the action without doing it.

With a 2 day meeting costing around £300-£400, with fuel and travel etc, even with the help of friends and sponsors mentioned on this page, it can be an expensive game keeping the old bikes racing.
If you would like to help us keep the bikes on the race track by making a donation to the cause, no matter how small, you can use the "Donate" button below to make a donation via PayPal.

Alternatively, if you are interested in sponsoring us in any other way please do Contact Us.

Thanks to our sponsors for 2012:

Vincent Owners Club VOC Spares Company LTD realm engineering

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