The Scott 1927 Scott racer
Scott Racer
  • Make/Model Scott
  • Year 1927
  • Capacity 500cc

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Scott were in the Isle of Man TT races back in 1909 so by 1927 they were starting to get it together, Harry Shackleton had designed a lighter machine for that season, the 7in ‘Super’ type forks with stronger springs. It had a shorter wheelbase, Its Pilgrim oil pump was backed up by a hand pump, (no 2 stroke mixing even then, so Yamaha was not the first). And it had an aluminium two-into-one exhaust system.
When it came down to it however the TT bested all 3 works riders and they all broke down. The last disaster was on the sixth lap when the rider in 4th position developed a leak in the petrol tank.
Undaunted the Scott factory produced a lot of TT replicas and this heap of bits has many of the features present on the old racers.

I am not going for an absolute replica I simply want to get a nice working bike without too much outlay that captures the spirit if not the accurate form of the 1927 Racers.

We will be updating this page as the project progresses, as well as the Scott Diary in our blog.

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