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Grey Flash Diary Feb 2012


The Racing Comet still has priority but I took time off as I tried to get a rough assembly of the major parts of the Flash crankcase and gearbox to try and get to the point where I could measure up the dimensions for the primary belt drive it seems that at my selected primary ratio ( 1:88) I can have 187mm or, 208 or, 212 mm centres (sorry about those foreign measurements)
I soon realised that I was missing the top bolt assembly that secures the box to the special F106/1 Frame tie. I had taken some pictures of Marcus Bowdens Albion Box a couple of years ago which was originally fitted to his Comet Trials Bike (that’s another story) and I could see it was a lash up of bolts spacers and a cut down nut. But on top of that problem I was still not clear how it all went together and where the cranked link fitted. However quick e-mail to David Dunfey and he came to my aid with some great shots of his Albion assembly. It was soon apparent that my problems revolved around the inner primary chaincase, which is different on the Flash from a standard Comet. It was a that point I realised that the two inner chain cases I had ‘in stock’ were different again so it seems that a standard Comet itself can have one of at least two designs of inner chaincase, more investigations will follow before the milling machine is started up.
VOC members have offered me various parts for my build and Duncan Simpson from the western isles sent me some immaculate footrest plates and a dynamo plug. Keith Hartley from County Durham sent me an e-mail saying he had a 19” Borrani rear rim 40 holes from a Vincent was I interested? Does Jeremy Clarkson hate bikes? Of course I was interested! So it duly arrived, I also bought some spokes and nipples, as I intend to give wheel building a go. That leaves me with the 20” front rim to source I don’t think I shall be so lucky with that item, so if push comes to shove I will have to be content with a substitute Morad rim.
The Comet assembly is progressing, its now a 500, has a its new tank in place with a large hole for the carb and a set of close ratio gears. But its behind schedule, and we may no get to the first meeting, this is mainly because I have been making a complex ignition driving assembly for Bens other racer which he is going to ride in the new upto 85 BEARS championship. He has taken a K100 BMW and is turning into an electronic ECU fire breathing fuel injected racer (Hells teeth, programming a bike with a laptop computer in a Vintage race!) and I should worry about sorting the Gardener Carb.

  • Posted on May 8th 2012
  • By Tim
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