The first thing to do when stripping a bike for restoration is not to take it apart. After all it will be a long time before it will ever be as complete again as it is now. I would council to photograph it and make notes first . My first job with the Difazio was to decide on what I was going to use as a fairing or indeed if I was going to use a fairing at all obviously the original fairing was a non starter there were at least 2 vintage bikes that I could not store if I retained it on the bike and while it was practical for an everyday rider in winter it was ugly in the extreme and very heavy so it had to come off and stored. That left me with what I had was told by friends was the ugliest bike ever built

A collection of assembly snaps at end of stage 1

well I think ‘the ugliest bike ever built’ is a bit too far, but the abrupt cut off of the tank at the front needed to be softened, I started with a concept of extending the tank in a Suzuki Katana way incorporating a headlight. A mock up in card and in ‘Photo shop’ did not enthuse me. I floundered a bit, and  looked at lots of pictures, then a picture sent to me by a fellow Difazio enthusiast of a R90 cockpit fairing made up my mind.