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BMW K100 project update

K100rs Motorsport

Two weeks into the project, and with less than 3 months to complete it, i can see i have set myself a mammoth task if we want to be on the start line at Mallory on April 15th.
It occurred to me early on that this would be more of a restoration project that simply converting a bike for race use..
The first job was to dismantle the bike and sort the bits we would keep from the bits we didn't need and would sell, this took longer than i expected and the job was made harder with numerous seized nuts and bolts. The bike is 27 years old and has been stood a few years and some of the fixings have probably never been removed.
On inspection, although much of the outside of the bike is corroded, the internals are in very good condition.
The engine is now being examined and refreshed, for now we will keep the motor in standard trim , if the bike performs well we will build a second tuned motor to swap.
The frame has been cut down, drilled and strengthened around the rear shock mount and is now being blasted and powder coated.
I have sourced most of the parts required to complete the bike including competition spec suspension and clutch and once the frame is back and the engine is finished i can start the build.

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