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First Post

Unknown rider

This is our first post on the blog as the website is now up and running. It has taken about 2 months to complete the new site and merge all the old stuff across from the old website. We hope you like the new layout and new features.
We wanted to get the site done and out of the way before we started work in ernest on the new projects we have taken on. Tim is working on the Scott, which is a long term project, as well as making a start checking over and ordering parts for the Grey flash.
I am now in a position to get cracking with the BMW after a bit of research and finding a suitable donor bike.
The HRD will need a good look over before the start of the season, we are going to reduce capacity to 500 cc and are getting a new head made by Goddens via Vincent Spares Company. Also revising the fuel tank and have ordered a period float chamber from Gardner Carburettor company so we can have another go with the gardner Carb.
I hope to update the website with some more pictures of the bikes as we go along, if i get a chance!

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